How can I see each staff member’s to do list?


I have four people that report directly to me. I’m new to Asana and was wondering how I can see their task list (so that I can know what they are working on each day).

I also want to know how to see what they accomplished at the end of each day. Where do I go to see this information?


Hi @Michael_Sorcinelli,

You can view anyone’s task list by clicking on the icon of their picture on the left hand pane, just above projects.

As far as knowing what they accomplished - you can then change the view when you’re in their My Tasks to see what tasks are completed. I’m not sure this will quite solve your problem but maybe someone else will chime in with a better suggestion :slight_smile:


Hi @Michael_Sorcinelli -
I’d recommend creating an Advanced Search report that shows all incomplete tasks assigned to all of your team members. This will give you a single view of all reports’ to-do’s that you have visibility to -

Pro tip - Save the view and it’ll live in your left pane and update automatically (its dynamic!).


so helpful! thank you!!!


I had a similar question recently, and the problem is that some of them have mostly Private tasks on their to-do lists. As their boss, is there any way to see those?



@Stephen_Smith, There’s not. If they’re creating tasks that are relevant to you or the team, it’s probably a training issue.