Hours do not subtract from estimated time

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Steps to reproduce:
Prerequisite: adding time tracking (estimated and actual time fields)

  1. To reproduce the issue, create a task.
  2. Then create a few subtasks and add estimates for each, eg. task 1 - 10h, task 2 - 5h, task 3 - 4h
  3. The estimate of the main task should be 19h (10h + 5h + 4h) - this one works fine.
  4. Set a formula: Estimated time - Actual Time = Remaining time - to check how much time remained. The value is 0 if nothing is reported.
  5. Now, when the team starts reporting the actual time in the subtasks, say in task 1 sb spent 2h (pink selection), this 2h is shown in the main task as well as an actual time. But the remaining time in the main task does not go down to 28h but remains 0. What’s more, if sb in the main task reports 1h, then the remaining time goes down to -1.

Can you let me know the logic behind it?

What I would assume is that if we have an estimation accumulated in main task, then following the formula, if the actual time is added, than the remaining time should get updated. Perhaps there is a bug in the way the formula gets calculated?

Browser version: yes

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Premium

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Paulina_Osuch-Jędrus thanks for your report. I’m consulting our Developers at the moment, but I believe although not ideal, this is an expected behavior since subtask rolled up value in the parent task pane is purely visual. But as soon as I have more information I’ll get back to you!

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Hi @Paulina_Osuch-Jędrus, apologies for the delay. Our Developers have confirmed that this behavior is expected due to the subtask rollup being solely visual within the parent task pane. Consequently, the formula you mentioned operates on a value of 0 within the parent task.

While they’ve taken note of your feedback for consideration in future updates, they’re unable to provide an estimated time for implementation at the moment. We’re actively monitoring and recording this feedback in our Product Feedback section here, and I’d recommend adding your vote there. If this change is implemented, the formula will function as desired.

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