Hotel, BnB, STR Use cases

Hey. … i’m a super N00b to Asana. I just have the free version for now … just taking a look to see if it’ll work for me and my team.

I have a small boutique hotel, and I have Asana creating a task at check-out for my Clean Team … the I need the sub tasks (ex: change linens, wash dishes, etc) add automatically according to which room they are cleaning.

Does anyone have experience with this? Should I have a project for each room? Can I auto-assign subtasks to a task when it has a specific tag … or … whatever …

I need help.

Automating things with subtasks is not that easy. @Phil_Seeman I always struggle to remember what Flowsana is able to do with subtasks?

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Thanks for the mention, @Bastien_Siebman.

Hi @Amanda-InnKeeper! Asana does not provide this capability. What you’d need is a rule trigger that acts based on adding a tag to a task; and a rule action that adds a set of subtasks based on that trigger. Asana has neither that trigger nor that action.

However, you can do exactly this via an If-Then Rule in my Flowsana integration :slight_smile:. Flowsana has a rule condition/trigger for “Tag added to task”, and it has a rule action for “Add a set of subtasks copied from a template”. You can see more info about how that action works here.


Thanks. I’ll take a look. I’m not 100% I’m going to stick with Asana, it might not be the tool I thought it was. but i’ll take a look at Flowsana.

Thanks again.