Homepage UI Improvements

The new Homepage screen is has quite a bit of redundant information. I think it would be better served if the Homepage gave us a really quick glance to today and the days ahead.

Also, I was hoping we’d be able to customize our own dashboards for maximum productivity. Being able to move certain information around, or completely deleting them would be super helpful as well.

Something like this:

Thanks for the feedback @dssong! This is the very start of “Homepage” and we’re planning to make a lot of improvements in the future, so keep sharing your feedback with us :slight_smile:

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@dssong Love the idea here. @Marie I’m looking forward to see the upcoming improvements Asana has in mind for this!

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Hi @William1 :wave:t3: Not sure if you’ve checked out this video in which Justin (Asana Co-founder) share our vision for the future of Asana, but this is what we’re aiming for! The Homepage is only the start of much longer and exciting journey :hugs:

I don’t want to be negative, but I’m trying to figuring out why and when I should use the homepage. When I start my workday, I go to ‘My Tasks’ to see what I am going to do today. I check if it’s realistic and change the order of the tasks. Then I start working on the first task. While working I use the search bar a lot to go to specific tasks or projects!
And now there is a homepage. What I can see there is my favorites. But I can see my favorites already in the menu-bar, which is always open. Even if your menu-bar is closed, it’s not logical to open the menu-bar and go to the Homepage, while the favorites are directly visible in the menu-bar.
Second thing you see are the last projects. Again, I can’t see why you want to use this. We have hundreds of projects so the change that the specific project that you need is in this list is quit smal. If I need a project, recent or not recent, I go to the search bar.
For me, the Homepage looks like an unnecessary page. I don’t want to start in the homepage, because it doesn’t give me the information that I need when I start my day. ‘My Tasks’ gives me that information. That should be the real homepage.


Thanks for sharing @Marie - Super excited for the vision!

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I totally agree with you here, but I think the homepage is going to evolve into something better and more useful as time goes on. Just waiting for that to happen.


I totally agree with Paul. I don’t understand why Asana keeps making things more difficult. This homepage is redundant and requires an extra click for 95% of the people who use Asana on a daily basis. Please make the “My Tasks” the default page. Please move the “My Tasks” link out of the left-nav so it’s persistent across all pages so I can get back to “My Tasks” without opening the menu. “My Tasks” is the heart of Asana so keep it at the heart, please!


I 100% agree with this. Homepage absolutely needs to have My Tasks on it to be useful. Now this is just an unnecessary click to get to My Tasks.


Can someone from customer support explain what the homepage is for and maybe provide a use case?
I thought it was going to be like dashboards, which are very cool and intuitive but it this seems to just be a list of projects.
I don’t want to be negative, but I don’t feel like I understand how to use this page in my workflow. Is there an article or something that?
This article in the Asana Guide tells me what the homepage does, but not what it is for (i.e. why it does those things).

Edit: It’s above the “my tasks” button so I assume it’s supposed to be an important feature.


Hi, yes, I agree. Another improvements and features to implement on homepage are welcomed. It would be fine to have there list of Today tasks, last conversation. Maybe could be helpfull to mark tasks and sections as favorite to see them on homepage screen. Some of tasks are bigger (but it doesn´t make sense to conver them into project) and it would be helpful to have a part of favorite tasks and sections on homepage …

But homepage is really welcomed, I missed some kind of quick preview of my actuall project and tasks I am working on and still have to use another tools next to Asana and I would like to refuse them …

Thank you :+1:

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I’ve been thinking about it more, and now I’m wondering if this is designed to address the issue of people being overwhelmed by organizing their “My Tasks” pane. If so, that would be a very welcome change.

I had several team members at my last job with a high volume of tasks who also worked entirely out of their “New Tasks” silo. I’m sure other power users are familiar with that frustration.

Having an auto-organization dashboard would help eliminate some of the “work about work” of the My Task pane. So that would be a big plus for team harmony.

Don’t see the use of the new homepage either, but doesn’t bother me either since I never close asana’s tab anyway so I’m not auto redirected there except from time to time when asana force login again.

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In my case, the homepage isn’t useful. I track everything in MY TASKS. All my projects are listed in my Dashboard so I can then pull a status report of every project in Google docs. I manage up to 75 projects at a time so the homepage is really just clutter in my workspace.

I could see how it could be beneficial for those who need a high level view of certain projects or even those who only have a few projects.


Has Homepage rolled out to everyone? I don’t see it yet?

Not just yet @Nathaniel_Cassidy, but it should be fully rolled out within the next few weeks!

To quickly get to “My Tasks” no matter where you are, just use the keyboard shortcut Tab+z. I use this one a lot every day.

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I agree. Everything about the homepage right now is redundant at the moment. Can we have this toggled off so we’re not seeing it every time we login?

The limiting factor at the moment for me is if you’re doing program, project management and also task managing your own workload. Really looking forward to the home page and dashboard collapsing into a single view. The concept at 8:27 of this video https://asana.com/vision is great, but there are a number of small steps that are already available that could be rolled up into a single overview. Very keen on this. It will be a an absolute game changer for me and my clients.


Really disappointing to hear that dashboards are being retired. It seems like a sure step away from the PMO / Project Director role and into being buried in detail, so is quite a setback.

As I can tell the new Home page just tells me when I visited a project last - no run charts, status colours or status comments, so is of very limited value. I really hope that some of this detail makes its way to the home page very soon.