Asana homepage has new features on newer workspaces?

Sorry if this has been answered already I just couldn’t find it. I have multiple workspaces for different businesses etc. I noticed today that a new workspace I created seems to have a more robust homepage with priorities and tasks completed and widgets and notes and whatnot. The rest of my workspaces have the regular tasks due, favorites, recent projects.

Is this something that is getting rolled out over time or did my old workspaces not update somehow?


@Steven_Morano - cool, right? But, shhhhhhh🤫. It hasn’t been publicly announced.

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Got my update as well. It feels a much better version compared to previous one. Love the new layout.

Hi folks, we have a announcement coming soon :wink: Click the bell icon in the top right corner here to be notified as soon as it’s released!

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