Feature Request: Workspaces Order and Re-Ordering

This is a bit of a noob question but how do I order or re-order workspaces? What’s the pattern to their current ordering operation?


That’s a good question. I am not sure you can order them. I believe they are ordered in the chronological order that you gained access to that workspace and the personal projects workspace is always the last. But this is just an assumption from my end. Would be interesting to find out if they could be rearranged and also the reason behind rearranging them.


Hi @Joseph_Simons
Do you mean workspaces or Teams? I work with teams and you can just drag and drop. I am not sure it is the same thing though!


@carlo I’m specifically looking to re-order workspaces based on my priorities. I use different project management philosophies for different workspaces. It would be nice to group “Agile” spaces together or have higher-level strategy workspaces at the top and more actionable workspaces below.

Does anyone know what the orange dot means next to a workspace? Also, can “Personal Projects” be deleted? It seems to have limited functionality compared to the other workspaces.

Hi @Joseph_Simons!

  • The orange dot next to a workspace indicates that you have unread items in your inbox in that workspace.
  • At this time it’s not possible to delete Personal Projects. Out of curiosity, what makes you want to delete the Personal Projects space?
  • It’s also not possible to reorder workspaces in the drop down list. However, it sounds like projects and teams would be a better option for you than workspaces. You’d have much more flexibility. Have you considered consolidating your work to one workspace and separating concepts by team and/or project?
  • The lack of functionality for the Personal Projects workspace is the main reason why I want to delete it. Not being able to reorder projects based on my priorities or use tags makes using that workspace less efficient. It’s sort of like an outdated version of the current workspaces.
  • Reordering workspaces or understanding why they get listed in the way they do would be really helpful. Teams isn’t a better option for me and I have projects broken out in workspaces because they need to be for my sanity. I couldn’t consolidate to one workspace, it’s too much info and would never be usable.

This is really a bummer. I work with over 60 organizations and I onboard most of them to Asana so as you can expect, my workspace list is getting long and I really want to bring the more important ones to the top instead of having them at the bottom. This would help my efficiency a LOT!


I agree with everything this man has said!


+1 i also really want to reorder the list of workspaces (that appear at top right of screen)

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Yeah me too, re-ordering FTW Asana!

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At least an automatic alphabetical sorting would be great. It’s so annoying that you have no chance at all to influence the sorting of the workspaces…


Hi Chux, welcome to the community.

Agreed… perhaps the more voices we get, the more this feature request will get attention?

As Chux mentioned, sorting alphanumeric at a minimum. But the option to choose sort order of all workspaces is the ideal solution here.

I am a freelancer, and I use Asana to connect with my clients. Each client has their own workspace which they created for their organization. Therefore it’s not possible to consolidate them into projects within a single workspace.

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Hi Hargobind, welcome to the community. Hopefully there is strength numbers here.

I use a similar setup as a freelancer, giving each client their own workspace. Making them sortable would be fantastic.

P.S. - I am in Puerto for a few months working with Abby. Your place is awesome, I love the doors!

Haha, that’s awesome! What a small world. Actually, I’m not the same HK who owns the place in Puerto, but he’s a friend of mine and I’ve heard his place down there is beautiful. Enjoy the beach and the beauty!

Since you started this thread, can you change the title of it? Perhaps “Feature Request: Workspaces Order and Re-Ordering” might get more specific attention.

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Sure, I updated the title.

Just checking in to see if this feature request is being considered for implementation. Would be extremely helpful to organize my workspaces also!


I too would love to be able to sort my workspaces in the dropdown.