High-level portfolio overview without project access

It would be great, if it was possible to create portfolios for high-level overviews only. This would mean that someone who is a portfolio member can see all the status information of all the projects within the portfolio, even if they are not part of the individual projects.

Reasons for the request:

  • Currently, you can only see the projects you have access to whenever you view a portfolio.
  • It is unnecessary for the CEO of a company to be a part of every project or to have access to every project, just to be able to see the statusses in all of the portfolios.
  • It is sometimes not possible to add certain people to certain projects because of data protection and financial data security reasons. However, it would make sense for those same people to know the status of the project, without being able to look at the content of the tasks or the comments, for example.


Sales would like to see the progress of software development projects to plan customer communications in that regard. However, sales people should not be able to see the content of the projects, because the software that is being developed underlies heavy compliance requirements.

Workarounds (which do not help me specifically, though) can be found in another topic I created: How did you set up your portfolios? - #5 by Tom_Suberg1