Hierarchy Alerts


I am trying to see if Asana has this functionality for my company.

Worker gets assigned task that is due 9/4/18

Worker doesn’t complete the task and then an alert is sent to workers direct supervisor with let us say 24/48 hours to rectify

Workers supervisor doesn’t get the job done so an alert is sent to the VP.


Hi @Jonathan_Poulis,

I guess there isn’t a native feature to do this, however that’s something I can help you create using the API.



Hi @Jonathan_Poulis and welcome to the Community Forum! @Millor_Machado is right, there isn’t a feature built-in Asana, that said this is definitely something that could be built via the API. If you have access to the Advanced Seach, your supervisors could also use the Advanced Search to build a report looking for over-due tasks for their team.

Hope this helps! Have a great day :slight_smile:


Can someone walk me through this via phone or live chat?


I’m sending you my contact information by inbox so we can schedule a call.