Hide a teams tasks from 'My Tasks' overview


I’ve been trying to find the answer for this but am not having any luck so result in posting here. I’m trying to find a way I can hide certain teams tasks from the My Tasks overview tab. Is there a way I can disable a certain set of tasks from a team from showing up under the ‘New Tasks/Upcoming’


Hi @Desnoir can you explain a bit more about what type of tasks your are trying to hide? Are they recurring tasks or template tasks?

The only tasks that should be in your “My Task” view are the tasks assigned to you to action at some point.


Hopefully, this will help.

I have sorted ‘my tasks’ into sections based on the team/project. All tasks created under each team/project automatically show up here when assigned to me.

I have a team for my own personal business tasks but I don’t want to see these in the overall list. Can an entire team/project be excluded from ‘My Tasks’? (regardless of if it’s assigned to you)

Okay @Desnoir makes sense now on what you are trying to achieve.

No unfortunately you can’t exclude tasks automatically from that view if it has been assigned to you.

Suggest have a read of the following articles and posts to try and work out the best way to structure your “My Task View”;

Hope these help.



@Desnoir, While you can’t have this done automatically as @Jason_Woods mentioned, perhaps this may help (if I understand what you’re after):

It sounds like you’d like to exclude a set of your tasks from view in My Tasks. The way this is typically done is to “Mark for Later.” They’re still in My Tasks, but in the Later category, which many of us keep collapsed and never see, so effectively they’re gone from My Tasks view.

I noticed in your screenshot that every task is still “New” (has a blue dot). I would click that blue dot for one task you don’t want to see and select “Later” to move that task there. Repeat for any others you don’t want to see.

Now click that blue dot for one remaining task and select “Upcoming” to move that task there which creates the Upcoming category if not already there. Then select all the other tasks and drag them there as well.

If you intend to work on any of those tasks today, click at the right and select “Today” (or drag into today so long as that category is shown).

From now on, new tasks assigned to you will appear in the New category. Triage them as above regularly so you can discern new work assigned from previously-assigned work, and keep work prioritized.

Hope that helps!



This is a perfect solution thank you so much! I am not so worried about having to filter them myself. It would have been nice if it could be automated but it’s even nicer to be able to do it at all.

Thanks again!

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