Hide subtasks in team calendar

I’ve set tasks to be client deadlines, with subtasks as the pieces that comprise them. In my team calendar I ONLY want to see the main tasks, not their subtasks. Is there a way to do this? I’d like it to look like the Project Calendar.


Hi @Elyse_Kelly - I actually recommend that you save an advanced search for exactly what you’re looking for. I suggest you conduct an advanced search for main tasks in a given team, view the search as a calendar, then save that search (click the star at the top left) so you can easily access it in your sidebar. You can even click the drop down arrow (top right) to rename your search so it’s easier to recognize. :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis. Not sure I’m following you. Will this hide all the subtasks from my team calendar so that no one on the team can see them? I want to ensure that only high level tasks are on it to prevent being bogged down by additional info. My team calendar is only meant to be high level deadlines across all projects, not all the subtasks that make those up too :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Elyse. Hopefully I can clarify :blush:

I’m suggesting that when you don’t want to view subtasks you don’t view the Team calendar. Instead, use the Team Calendar for your biggest overview (with subtasks) and separately save a Calendar from an Advanced Search that gives you only Tasks (without subtasks). You can then just favorite the Advanced Search Calendar so it appears in your side bar.

Here is an outline of how to conduct an Advanced Search. Note the Calendar option in search views. Using Search & Advanced Search in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Please let us know if you have other questions.


Hi Alexis -

Found this thread looking for a way to hide subtasks from the team calendar. Followed your advice, and now am seeing the team tasks with tasks from “my tasks” included. Is there a way to filter out “my tasks” from that view? Thanks!

Hi Kate! Let’s see what we can do here. I’m a bit unclear about your question. If you’d like to filter out My Tasks, in other words your tasks, then you could conduct an advanced search that removes “tasks assigned to me” from the search results. Does this help? If not, feel free to elaborate on your question :slight_smile:

Hi Alexis - Thanks for the quick reply! I should have been more clear. I’d like to hide any tasks (mine or other team members) that are not associated with a project. Right now, we are using tasks as our project ‘go live’ dates and are trying to get a calendar view across all projects of our marketing ‘go live’ dates. When I search by task, I am still seeing tasks that fall under My Tasks that aren’t associated with a project (ex: follow up w/ xyz person). Is there a way to suppress tasks not associated with projects? Thanks!

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying! I think your best bet would be to search for specific projects in an advanced search, and in doing so the tasks without project will be excluded. Then, you can just view the calendar view with all the tasks you have in the projects you’re interested in looking at.

Hi Alexis -

Thanks! This seems to clear up the problem of displaying tasks that are not associated with a project. Now, however, I am still seeing subtasks. Any way to filter those out?

Hi Kate! In your advanced search you can use a filter for “Not Subtasks” :slight_smile:

Ah! Thank you! I think this gets us where we need to be. Thanks for all the help!

@Alexis I was interested in the same high level calendar view. Followed your instructions for the advanced search (it worked great!) but I am having trouble figuring out how to favorite this advanced search calendar. I only see a way to save it as a report.

Hi @Nicole_Sorci! Reports = the name for saved advanced searches. :slight_smile: I recommend that you save the advanced search as a report and toggle to calendar view when needed.

Since the last comment was made in 2018, I wanted to revisit this topic. Is there any way to view a team calendar without subtasks?

I used the Alexis’ solution for creating a saved search, however, you can’t save this search in your Favorites section.

Overall this feels like a workaround and not a feature.

I understand why one would want subtasks on their team calendar, but I feel this should be an option, not the default.