Allow to sort tasks by Team in My Tasks

It would be nice to be able to sort tasks in My Tasks by Team, not only by project.

Hi @IvanStaykov :wave:t3:

While it’s not possible to sort your My Tasks by Teams at the moment, sorting it by project will automatically sort projects by Team too (the Team name is in brackets next to the project title). I know this is not exactly what you’re looking for but I thought you might find this info useful!

I’ve gone ahead and slightly modified the title of your thread so it better reflects your feedback, it should also be more discoverable for other users looking to have the same feature implemented. On my end, I’ll make sure to update you on this thread as soon as I have an update on this specific topic!

Thank again for taking the time to share your thought with us, have a great day!

Hi, new to Asana and struggling to figure out what I feel like should be pretty easy… sorting my tasks by team (I am on multiple teams). Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi @Mike_Wang

As far as I know, this isn’t possible. I suspect it might be to do with permissions. Some teams are open but some are request-to-join. It would be handy if you could see all tasks from multiple teams in one place, though.

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Hey @Mike_Wang :wave:

@Mark_Hudson is correct , there is no way to sort your Tasks my Team.

Since this is isn’t so much a #tipsandtricks ability, but a #productfeedback ask for our team to take a look at.

I’m going to move this post over to that category so folks in the Community can upvote this request if they want.

Currently, one can view Today’s Tasks sorted by project. This works well if one is in only one team. However, if one is in several teams (think of CTO, managing and working with multiple teams), one cannot get an overview of daily tasks sorted by team. I suggest that Asana add this as an option. While it would not be of use to most users, it would be excellent for upper management.