Help Customizing Fields -- I don't have permission!

I’m working on a project - and I believe the account I’m using is a guest account created by my client. I can see an “add field” button - but when I click it nothing happens. Additionally, the tutorials I reviewed show a “+” button near the top right of the data grid that’s used to add fields, but I don’t have that button.

Is there permission an administrator needs to grant me, or does it have something to do with my type of account? Is there a way to figure out what “type” of account I have?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.

@Matt_Handy if you are invited to an Organization as a Guest you have the ability to interact with Custom Fields but you can’t create them. It’s one of the few things a Guest can’t do.

Please visit this post to learn more about Guest Permissions: What if a friend invited you to an Asana-themed amusement park as a Guest? 🎟 This tip highlights the rides you aren’t tall enough to ride!

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