Project owner cannot add custom field

I am the owner of a project, and I cannot add a custom field to the project per the process described in this help page

What’s also odd is that I appear as a guest in the project members page, but am still the owner. As owner, I also cannot change guest statuses. As an owner, I should be able to control all aspects of the project.

Welcome, @David_Kluger,

Actually, that’s expected behavior.

Only org/workspace Members (logins with matching domain name) can add/edit custom fields. (As a guest you can set the value of custom fields, but no more.)

And a Guest can be a project owner.



Sounds like an issue with the organization from my company then (I shouldn’t be a guest to begin with).


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If you are indeed an employee, yes. Check with your admin what’s the domain names attached to your org, and compare with your email address.