Custom Fields, Showing to Guest

So I was doing an onboarding training with a new volunteer, and found out she does not see our custom fields? Eh, why? We are doing a content calendar, and I need her to see the process of how her web post will get published. Even though all volunteers will be guest and not staff, there has to be a way for them to see all content when I share a task, add them for the task or have them collaborator the task. Discuss!

Hi @Adrienne_McCue and thank you for reaching out! :smiley:

Guest users cannot manage custom fields (create new custom fields, modify or delete existing ones), but they should have the ability to access to the custom fields that have already been selected by a full member for the task or project he has access to.

You can learn more about this in the following article:

If this guest can’t see custom fields at all it might indicate that those task that have been shared withe her don’t have any Custom Field. Can you please confirm that?

No, I created the custom fields myself and she certainly didn’t have them. We shared our screens when we were on a zoom conference. This was the first time I realized folks are not seeing them. She only had access to basic things like tags, and even the times were not showing up? Could this be a bug?