Harvest time tracking not working in Safari with 'prevent cross-site tracking' enabled

Hi. A feature our team use all the time is ‘Harvest time tracking’ - when working on a task, they simply click the little clock icon to start tracking time against that task in Harvest.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 10.40.01

This works fine in Chrome, but I’ve recently switched to using Safari and the Harvest time tracking feature doesn’t work unless I disable ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ in the Safari preferences.

I like the idea of preventing cross-site tracking, but unfortunately there’s no kind of whitelist in Safari for sites I trust. Is there any way round this, other than switch back to Chrome, or switch ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ off every time I use Asana?

Is the Harvest feature in Asana made by Asana, or is it made by Harvest - perhaps I should be reaching out to them instead?


I am having this same issue with safari. Any luck getting around this without having to use Chrome or Firefox?

Me too. It renders the integration useless unless I turn off my security. Anyone?

Sadly I suspect this issue is not a particularly high priority for Asana/Harvest, so won’t get fixed any time soon, if at all…

I know it’s not a proper solution, but now when I want to track my time from an Asana task in Safari, I usually just disable ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ before clicking on the little clock icon, then re-enable ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ straight away afterwards.

As I’m only using the feature a couple of times a day it’s not too much of an issue.

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On advice from the Asana I switched to the Asana app. It’s great. No issues.

Thank you so much @Todd_Davies!! I don’t know how I missed that there was an app and I totally prefer it that way anyhow. This fixed me right up!