Cookie issue while logging into Harvest through Asana


One of our members is having trouble using the Harvest time tracking integration. When they click the clock, the Harvest iframe modal appears with a red alert that reads " **Please make sure that third-party cookies are permitted or that and appear in your whitelist. **"

  • They’ve already enabled the Harvest integration within their User > Apps settings.
  • They’ve tried clearing the cache and cookies in both Harvest and Asana
  • They’ve tested this being already logged into Harvest and again while logged out
  • This user is a member of a paid Harvest account
  • This only happens on Chrome, not Firefox
  • The user has no Chrome extensions installed that may be interfering with cookies

Am I right in assuming there’s no Asana integration with a specific Harvest account, and that it’s instead dependent on which Harvest account the user chooses to log into and log time against?


Hi @Jonny_MacEachern! Thanks for reaching out. I’ve contacted an integrations pro on our team and hope to have more information for you soon.



Chrome Settings > Advanced > Content settings > Cookies > Disabled “Block third-party cookies”


I have the same problem here with the exact same conditions listed in Jonny’s original post, except that “Block third-party cookies” is already disabled.

This happened after I had switched to a new Mac running macOS 10.14.1. I’m using Google Chrome v70.0.3538.102.


In the Network console, I can see this request:


Never mind, I figured it out. I had to disable the Ghostery extension while using Asana.


Hey Guys,
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