a) Chome (can't log in) & b) Brave can't open Harvest

I am trying to use Harvest in Asana. I am using it only for my own time tracking in within a Team that I do not own. When I click the little clock to track time, I get the “please make sure that third-party cookies are permitted…” on app.asana.com as others have mentioned on the forum (Image 1) This is on the Brave browser which blocks all ads and trackers, but I have turned them all on for Asana (as far as I can tell). The Brave browser is built on Chrome, so I tried logging in on Chrome, but I get the error “Please log in again” (image 2). Nothing when I click the login button, clicking no matter what I do. x’ing out shows blank app.asana.com and a yellow box that says “out of data, please refresh”. Refreshing returns the “please log in again” box.

I have added Asana.com and app,asana.com to allowed cookies, nothing is blocked on this site.

So far, I have only found recommendations to fix issues is to uncheck in Chrome “block third-party cookies” to unblock all third-party cookies just so one site can access does not seem prudent or safe. I should be able to unblock what I need to make Asana and Harvest work - what am I missing?

On chrome unblocked looks like this:

Settings for app.asana.com in Brave are in image 3

Any thoughts? Either way, I cannot log time in Harvest.

Image 1: image%201%20-%20harvest
Image 2: image%202%20-%20chrome
Image 3: