Harvest unable to log in inside Asana

This morning when I tried to start tracking time on a task, Harvest was unable to log in. I’m in Firefox.

I click on the clock icon to start tracking time.

Harvest modal is displayed, and I click to Sign in.

I’m able to select my company.

But after clicking, the modal closes, and Harvest is still logged out, making it impossible to start tracking time.

Welcome, @Melissa_Fernandes, and sorry to hear this.

I think you might have to contact Harvest support directly.

Though if you prefer, you could start with support@asana.com (it might take longer if in fact Harvest support is required).



I have exactly the same problem. I suspect it appreared after update of Firefox. Melissa - have you found any solution?

I’m having the same problem. Works in Chrome (which I don’t really use) and not in Firefox. Keep on getting the note that I have to be logged into Harvest even though I AM logged into Harvest, in the same browser.

I had to download Asana for Windows to be able to track time, but unfortunately, it doesn’t display the total time spent on a task. I contacted Asana support and I’m not sure if they will work on a fix since they said to use Chrome.

Having the same issue. Hope there is a solution soon. Same in Trello for what it’s worth, so this might be more of a Harvest issue than Asana.