Harvest integration inside Safari 17.2.1 on Mac now working


I’m new to the Forum, so apologies if I don’t follow any protocols or norms correctly.

I’m on a Mac (2023 Apple M2 Max chip) running Sonoma 14.2.1, using Safari version 17.2.1 - all the latest, as best I can tell. The Harvest integration for Asana inside Safari, so I can just press the clock icon right there inside of Asana to start the timer, does not show. It’s specific to Safari. The timer shows when I’m in Chrome instead of Safari.

I’ve searched online help pages, and found an older 2021 post suggesting that turning off enhanced privacy protection features might solve the issue for back in those days (see e.g. Harvest time tracking not working in Safari with 'prevent cross-site tracking' enabled), but disabling '“prevent cross-site tracking” doesn’t solve my problem nowadays (also that would not have been an ideal solution, anyway).

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!