Harvest integration links Asana task relative to a project

Currently, the Harvest integration on Asana links the current task relative to the project it’s located, which is unfortunate because once that task is moved into a different project it’s also unbound of all previous tracked time.


Because in some cases, you could’ve been working on a task sporadically within a span of two months when the same task is back and forth across different projects (where projects can sometimes refer to phases of development or different team responsible) but you don’t want to lose count on how long you have spent on that task once it’s moved from project A to B. This is specially useful for those who want to make sure they are still on target according to an initial estimate.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create task Y under “My tasks”;
  • Track 1 hour on harvest through the task integrated button;
  • Stop tracker, close and re-open task view and click tracker
  • The harvest modal says 1 hour has already been spent on task
  • move task Y to project X;
  • The harvest modal now says 0 hours have spent on task

Possible solution

I have created a bookmarklet to let me link to a task regardless where it’s sitting at the moment.
With the only difference being that, instead linking a task by its URL when assigned to Harvest in the form of https://app.asana.com/0/project_id/task_id, I am instead linking as https://app.asana.com/0/0/task_id

This allows Harvest to still link to the task and keep track of all the time spent on it across different projects.