Guidance for Asana Automatic intergation with Harvest

Please help in addressing the following questions/problems we are currently facing:

  • Currently employees and contractors are categorizing time against projects they are working on in Asana; in SharePoint; which is creating different sources of truths and confusion in managing time. We would like to have a common time categorization place in asana for at least 100 people who might be working for the same project through Harvest integration. Any solution for the issue will be appreciated…

  • We want to eliminate manual process of entering project names and maintaining them in Harvest. This includes being able to eliminate the manual process of uploading a csv file into harvest from Asana.
    . Is there a way to automate the integration process of directly importing all projects from Asana into Harvest ?
    . Also be able to add filters to the process of automated integration to sometimes just pull certain type of projects only?

  • Based on research it seems there is an automatic integration tool called Zapier which provides pre-made filters/Zaps.
    .Do any of the existing Zaps provide a solution to the above questions ?
    . If so, are there any added costs to them ?

  • Please also provide how integration with Harvest will help in invoicing and expense management.

Hi @Niharika_Rao, glad you found Harvest. Let me address a few of your questions.

  • Yes, Harvest would help you avoid SharePoint and have a single place where everyone’s time is tracked.

  • Zapier would allow you to create a project in Harvest automatically, but if you made further changes to the project name in Asana it would not update in Harvest. I think there would be a way to filter only the projects you’d like to transfer as well. If you’d like assistance setting that up, feel free to contact me.

  • Zapier has a free tier which might work depending on your needs, but most likely you’d want a paid plan which starts at a pretty affordable price.

  • Harvest would allow you to invoice clients based on the work completed in Asana. The invoicing is very easy to use. There is also expense management, but from my experience there are other tools that handle that a little better (such as Expensify).

  • If you do decide to try Harvest, you can save 50% off your first month with promo code ASANATRAINING. You can also learn more about Harvest in the Integrations module of the Asana Training Masterclass.

Hope that helps!


This is a very old post, I am curious if there is a better solution at this point then trying to use a third party utility to automatically map projects between asana and harvest?

I don’t think so, @Jacob_Fogg. I think Zapier would still make the most sense.