Goals in projects

Yes, just what it sounds like and not to do with milestones… Wouldn’t that be great?

You mean like the exact feature they released 12 hours ago https://asana.com/fr/guide/help/premium/goals =)

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Hi @JohanW, thanks for writing in!

You can find more details in our announcement here: New! Achieve your most important objectives with Goals

Let us know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

@Marie told me to write it up…

To clarify:

@JohanW, Can you be more specific about wha you want to achieve with goals in projects? When I have this need, I use the Project Description (“Goal: To do such and such”) or make the first Section be “Goal(s)” and enumerate them there at the top of the project so all can see. Are you looking for something different?



Shure! I would like to work more actively with goal setting within a specific project so that goals can be supported of individual tasks. I keep very large projects with comprehensive tasks, so when goals only can be supported by either portfolios or projects, people could lose clarity on what value specific tasks are supposed to deliver. For instance, in several of my projects, a big digital campaign consists of one task with several subtasks and as it stands now, I can’t connect those specifik tasks to project goals.

I don’t really see the functionality of milestones replacing my need as I would like to update metric progresses to the project goals (as the new goals feature allows). And I would prefer to do it in the context of a single asana project under the progress tab.

Or, mabye I have missed the point…?


Thanks, that makes sense. I think I saw something in the Future of Asana presentation, if I recall correctly, that would indicate the direction is to support what you are looking for.

For now, however, you would be able to fashion something using the existing features. I think I’d first consider, unless impractical, using multihoming for the tasks that exist in support of a goal.

Create one project per goal. Multihome tasks to their goal projects as needed. Use each goal project’s Progress tab to update progress toward the goal. Optionally, include all the goal projects in a Goals portfolio with a custom field for percent complete or similar, if you like.

Less flexible, but perhaps even easier, approaches would be Custom Fields or even Tags, instead of multihoming.

Hope that helps,


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