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I saw in the Future of Asana presentations that the goals has key results red buttons like milestones do in projects. Is this a soon to have a or a next year feature just trying to decide what to do with KRs for now?

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I just submitted some feedback as well on this as the goals seems kind of confusing in its display. For example, I created several goals, G1, G2, G3. Several of the goals have sub-goals, e.g. G1-A, G1-B, G1-C, G2-A, G2-B, etc.

In the display, all the goals are showing in an order that cannot be sorted by any field. The goals, do have the ability to expand and contract, showing the sub goals, but the sub-goals are always displayed as well.

Is this a bug or is there a setting to only show the goals in this view and expand the sub-goals as needed?

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Hi @Harris_Silver,

This is currently expected, but we’re already working on some quick follow-ups, we’re only getting started with Goals!

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But what about goals within a project? And I don’t mean milestones… :slight_smile:

Hi all :wave:t3:

We’ve just released an e-book to learn what are OKRs, how to set them successfully, avoid common pitfalls, and roll them out company-wide!

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Great idea @JohanW! Would you mind creating a new thread in #productfeedback to help us keep track of this request and allow other folks to support it?

@Carla_Bagdonas from our Customer Education team created a video to help you and your team better understand and adopt Goals, check it out!



@Marie do you know what percentage we are sitting at for the rollout of Goals?

Great to hear. I’ve been trying to use Portfolios to get an overall view of objectives/goals with a roll-up of status. The less manual updates the better, as if the goals can leverage on the percentage complete of a project or a series of projects, it should be able to calculate a percentage complete status I would think.

So in the video example, how are you achieving the hierarchy of goals without the sub-goals showing up in the same list.


Hi @Jerod_Hillard, Goals have now been launched to 100% of our Business and Enterprise customers!

Hi @Harris_Silver, this is something we’re aiming for in a future update, stay tuned!

Oh no, @Marie! It looks like we haven’t gotten it under our business license. I think this happened with List <> Boards launch as well.



Please see this post for some explanations and ideas for those trying to get their arms around the new Goals feature, particularly for OKRs:



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We’re also Business users and Goals have not rolled out to our account yet…

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Same here - sign out and in and it worked

Howdy @Marie,

So I think @Todd_Cavanaugh @IvanStaykov @abass already said a version of this but I was hoping to get a more explicit version discussed?

I do understand the theory of how Goals fits with Portfolios (the pyramid of clarity explanation) BUT I’m confused how that’s actually happening in the software? I can’t see any automation from when I mark a task complete and how it affects progress numbers in the Goals platform whereas in the Portfolios platform there is integration. I understand that Portfolios is like a container for a bunch of projects but shouldn’t it have direct/automatic connection with the Goals UI?

Currently it looks like you basically have a reproduce and duplicate efforts from everything you did in Portfolios to now Goals but what’s the point if goals were already being tracked in portfolios?

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In theory it should give you either a higher stage in the hierarchy or a different slicing of analysis.

Say you have a portfolio called Sales and there you track all your sales projects.

But let’s say that you have a goal which is “increase market share of equipment by 5% by year end” - then you will add only some of the sales projects to the goal, and maybe some other projects that are not in this portfolio, for example “updating the equipment website section”

Or if your goal is a bit more general and top level then it may make sense that you do not add one but multiple portfolios to one goal.

As you have noticed the complexity of reporting increases exponentially as such a goal will need someone who has access to all of the added portfolios and all of the projects in that portfolio is order to be able to report on the goal.

So this is why I personally said that there is something there but:

  • cannot work without Key Results (sub goals cannot be used well for this)
  • portfolios need to be fixed and majorly (and I mean majorly, not adding some small features) improved
  • simple things for tracking and reporting need to solved
    Only then you can work with goals. Otherwise any bottom level discrepancy you just move it up, it adds to other discrepancies and by the time you get to goals you have multiplied the mistake exponentially.

We have a business account and we don’t yet have access to it.