Gmail add-on disappears in side bar

How do we contact Asana? I’m considering buying asana for my department but need to fix the Gmail issue. The add-on disappears after you use asana. Seems like a big bug. Any news?

Hi @Mike; can you give us a little more context on what is happening with the Asana add-on for Gmail? Were you able to use it before? Any additional information would be very handy to help you resolve this issue.

If you wish to contact our support team, simply follow the steps outlined here.

Hope this helps! Looking forward to your reply!

The Asana icon in the gmail side bar disappears on new start-up of gmail for some reason. It comes back Asana updates gmail, but until then, it’s gone… Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the quick follow-up @Mike_Dean and so sorry for the trouble! How long does it takes for the icon to comeback? Also, can you check if you’re able to reproduce the issue with another browser?

Hi Marie,
It does not work on Chrome nor MS Edge.


Thanks @Mike_Dean! In this case, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team, who will be able to investigate this further with our Development team!

Hi Marie,
Please forward our email chain to the appropriate support person. The link you gave was clear to me. Thanks! Mike

sorry…“not clear to me”


Have a blast this weekend! -Mike

Hi @Mike_Dean,

What I’ve noticed is if you click on an Asana email then the Asana add-on appears. If you click on a none Asana email then the add-on disappears

Oh, yes, now that you mention it. That’s it. I didnt notice that.

Thanks for the additional information @Mihow! Does the Asana add-on eventually show-up for non-Asana emails?

I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue on my end unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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No it doesn’t, I think the reason behind this is that the email has no Asana data to it so the add-on doesn’t know how to interact with it. I think for all of us this isn’t intuitive. Sometimes you just want to make a task in Asana because you read a none Asana email that inspired you to make a task but this current functionality doesn’t allow you to do that.
My guess is that google is trying to only show you what’s relative on your email to avoid that flood of information that multiple plugins could bring.

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This is it. The Gmail Add-Ons are highly restricted with what they can read and when they can show. The Asana Gmail Add-On isn’t supposed to be an all-living shortcut to add tasks to Asana. It’s pretty clear that Google needs to further iterate their Gmail Add-On functionality, but they definitely are doing it this way for privacy reasons. Only giving the extension access to the email data of the one email on screen and if it is deemed relevant.

Hi @Mihow and thanks for the follow-up! Is there any chance you could send me a screencast illustrating the issue via DM so I can escalate it? I’ve run some tests with my private Gmail address and I can see the add-on for all my emails (including those not related in any way to Asana)

Hi Marie,

I use Google Inbox on a regular basis which doesn’t have the Asana integration. I tried to replicate the issue on my gmail and it seems to be resolved. I can see whenever I click on an email there’s an api call to see if there’s any related task actions, if not then I see the option to create a task so all looks in order now from my side. Not sure if there’ was an update recently which didn’t get pushed to Mike yet.

Thanks for the quick follow-up @Mihow! @abass can you confirm if you’re still running into the same problem? If you do, would you mind sending me a screencast via DM so I can escalate the issue to our development team? Many thanks for your help!

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I’m saying that it is not a problem, it’s just the way the Gmail Add-On functions due to their current limitations as set by Google.

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I am also experiencing this behaviour in Gmail. I have used the Asana addon in Gmail to assign an email as a Task in Asana. This morning, the Asana icon in the Gmail sidebar has disappeared. Do we reinstall the addon of what?