Newly installed Asana for Gmail, Icon is not visible in sidebar

Hi there,

I installed Asana for Gmail as an add-on and had it whitelisted by my domain addon.

Add-on is showing as Installed, but is not showing up in the side-bar.

Going to gmail Settings → Add-Ons, it says the following under the Asana add-on:
“This add-on is restricted by policies within your organisation.”

Could this be the cause?

Thank you!

Hi @Thomas_12 I would suggest yes that error message sounds like it could be your problem.

Have a look at this post Asana for Gmail (GSuite)
And search for Gmail in the forum and the guide and you will probably get some hints on how to go about resolving the issue.



Hi Jason,

Thanks for the feedback, this morning when I logged in the add-on icon was present in the side-bar, so it looks like the issue for has resolved itself.

Thanks again, have a great weekend!