Asana + Gmail Feature Request - Add Inline Asana icon

Love the Asana + Gmail Integration, but one huge QOL improvement would be if an Asana icon showed up inline with emails (just like favorite star, or the “important” icon) for emails that already have Asana integration. For instance:

If I create a task from an Email, an Asana icon showing that a task has been created displays inline

Bonus: if I COMPLETE that task in Asana, the icon changes to another icon showing that task was completed.

I do not use combined threads in Gmail so I’ll get a task assigned to me and then there are follow up emails as questions are asked, and I never can tell at a glance which email the task was created in. Furthermore as I’m browsing my emails there are times I am not sure “did I create a task for this?” so I have to click into those emails just to see if a task was created or not.

Other Gmail extensions have added columns to Gmail for their own icons (Streak, attachment icons, etc) so I’m hoping this isn’t a big ask to consider.