I installed the Gmail Asana Add on, but it does not show up in Gmail.

I installed the Asana add on to gmail this morning. Unfortunately, it has not shown up in my gmail. I have verified that it was installed. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi @Katie_Cyphers and so sorry for the trouble here!

There are a couple of things we can check:

  1. Can you please confirm that that the add-on is showing up as “Installed” when clicking on the following link? https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/asana_for_gmail/923474483785

  2. If you’re a Gsuite user, can you make sure that your Admin has whitelisted the Add-on for your domain? Can you also verify that you have authorized the add-on for your account (both are required for GSuite users!)

  3. Could you also share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in your Gmail sidebar? I’ve added a screenshot below showing you what the add-on looks like in my Gmail account!

Looking forward to your reply Katie!

I’ve been using the Asana add-on for Gmail and this morning it was (apparently) missing - though all settings reported it was properly installed.

What had happened is that my right hand Gmail sidebar (where the Asana add-on appears) had gotten collapsed - not sure how. I don’t ever collapse it intentionally so it took an extra moment to find this and re-expand - which solved the issue. Any chance this could be what’s happening for you?