Global Customizations (Fields/Rules/Forms/task Templates)

the customization feature is great but whats really a show stopper is that most of the features can’t be applied globally on projects and across teams. i don’t understand why this is possible for fields that can be added to a library but pe not for rules (even though they have a global gallery with rules).

it takes a lot of work to create certain rules in a project. I have to rebuild them everywhere i want them. and its a horror to manage even the smallest changes across the system.

its also not consistent that you cant implement fields, rules, forms and task templates when making a template from a project. It seems task templates will be taken over, but rules, etc wont. But when copiing/duplicating a project i have a lot more options.

wouldn’t it be an “asana” if everything would be in flow and connected?


It would obviously be better, and Asana knows it, it just wasn’t available yet :slight_smile: We hope to see it soon, it is not officially on the roadmap (but Asana doesn’t share its roadmap).

Hey @Gregor_Kalchthaler, that would be very helpful indeed!

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