Give us custom script buttons that function as an advanced alternative to "Mark Complete"

I realized today something that I’ve unconsciously wanted for a very long time. It dawned on me today what we’ve been lacking. My issue is that I assign frequent tasks in our company where I’m asking the same thing over and over again.

“When this package arrives, remove this task from Project A, add it to Project B, Assign to Scott, and give 5 business days as a due date”.

“When you finish this task, reassign it to Dave, change custom field A to say xyz and add a tag”

I do this a LOT, and it’s almost always the same pattern over and over again.

Give us a feature to write a “script”, attach it to a highly visible button with a custom color and title, and let that live as a Custom Field.

Give the Task creator the ability to pick which one of these scripts they want to add to their task using a pick box.

When the user hits that script button, all the chosen values/actions happen automatically.

Things this script setup should be able to handle:

Assignee /Unassign from any
Due Date
Add Collaborators
Custom Field modification
Add/Remove tags
Move to section
Move to Project(s)
Add to Project(s)
Run add other scripts

Also, please don’t put a tiny limit on how many functions we can build into a script. We might need to change several custom fields, add several collaborators, or even add to multiple projects.

Let me also comment that this sort of feature will allow stronger Asana users in the company on-board new team members. Whenever we add a new team member, they have NO IDEA how to move projects around, etc, and the learning curve can take months (our new team members have to learn a LOT more software than just Asana).

We do this by multi-homing those similar tasks into a project that has a specific set of rules. When the task is completed, a bunch of subtasks are created.

@Matt5, You’re describing the existing Asana Rules capability where the trigger to run the actions is a single-select dropdown naming the available actions to take. It’s simple to use, as configurable as you request, and doesn’t add any built-in complexity to the user interface, at the expense of perhaps being not as prominent as you want. But you can dress it up by naming the custom field with emojis ensuring it’s shown in List View as a prominent column, perhaps even ahead of or close to the Assignee and Due date columns. Requires Business or Enterprise.