Asana task Approval or TAG vs Custom Field

Hi all,
I was looking to get some feedback on how we use Asana. Up until very recently we were on the free version. My process was:

  1. Create and assign task
  2. When the task is done and in the test environment, the assignee tags the task as to test
  3. I check the task and either reject (remove tag) or approve by removing the tag and adding a new to deploy tag.

We do not lose who did the task, I know when it was added to test and to deploy. and this works across all projects.
I am responsible for testing, so I favourite the to test tag and work from there. it’s like a special project for me, and I can work by users or by project, removing the to test tag as I go until I have tested everything (empty list :winning:).

Once a week we check the favourite to deploy tag and check the tasks off on publish.

Trying to replace this process with the **Custom Field** works well enough, however I need to add the field to every project and there isn't a way to favourite a custom field *status*.
I created a custom report, and that does the job, however, I find that when I change the custom field, it does not drop the task off (at least not straight away) the report. it's not as smooth an experience.
I find the tags work better for me, is it because I am used to it ? or because I am missing something in the custom fields? or not used to them yet

Is there a better approval process that I have not discovered? I have seen and read a few topics on approval, I am still looking for a better solution. I never get to tick a task off and I feel left out :sweat_smile:

Indeed, you have to reopen the report. I can understand the feature: it could be annoying to have the task disappear from the report has soon as you interact with it…

Using custom fields seems easier in my opinion than juggling with tags. You can also enable notifications on the custom fields so you are notified when the status changes. Except the report not updating, do you find anything else not as good as using tags?

I see your point @Bastien_Siebman and also understand the feature regarding the report, it makes sense.

I guess I’ve been looking forward to using Custom fields for such a long time that I had build up a big hype about it, I love their versatility and how they can be of different types. Also they do not stack like tags but have their own column.
But so far on day to day use they have not been blowing my mind.
I will spend more time and experiment further. I was curious to see what the comunity thought :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have a pretty extensive Asana setup and use custom fields. Including for standardizing views across projects.

The most significant frustration with them we have is that you can’t get a report using more than one value in a custom field. I’m hoping that is added down the road.

But generally we’d be lost without them and use the. To standardize workflow and reporting across many clients and projects.

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I can see that the custom field would play a big role in standardization in a big org. Being a small team we can manage that easily, thanks for the pointer.

Hi @Jonathan_Stern and @Greg_Rittler :wave:t5:

Jumping here to share with you we have recently launched a new type of tasks in Asana called Approvals :slight_smile:

In case you have missed the Announcement in the Forum, you can learn more about it in our Guide: Approvals • Asana

I hope you enjoy it! Have a great week!