Give read (comment) access to a project for my organsation

It feels like I am missing a little something…
I have a project under a team (Committee) and every member of the said team has complete control over the project, which is perfect.
Whan I can’t achieve is that this project needs to be visible to every employee with our work email domain.
It is possible to make the Committee or project public to the organisation via a link, but I don’t want them to be in the committee since they aren’t part of it and they can’t, by default, be able to edit a task, which they can if added to the project.

There must be a setting somewhere to change the default permission or something else but I just can’t find it… Any cue?

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Hi @Tristan_Benoit ,

In order for your project (X) to be public to the entire organisation, i.e. searchable, or accessible via a URL link, you will need to check the following:

  1. the ‘Committee’ team’s settings needs to be set to Public to organisation.
  2. Project X’s privacy settings needs to be set to ‘Shared with Committee’
  3. In the same Share menu, the key is to set all other members 'Committee and task collaborators to ‘Can comment’
  4. Make sure to add all members who you actually want to have edit rights and set each one to ‘Can Edit’. Do this by typing their name in the ‘Invite with email’ part. It sounds like you already have them all added.

So you should end up having something like this:

Note: if you have Guest users, they would need to be added manually to the project and set to ‘Can comment’ (without having to add them to the Committee team).

Note 2: re step 1, this would allow others to be able to Join the team, but they do not have to since they would be able to see Project X within it. They would also be able to see ALL other public projects within the Committee team, so make sure you switch them to Private.

The alternative to all the above would be to manually add each member/guest of your Organisation (and every new one that comes along) into Project X and set each one to ‘Can comment’.

But generally, when you have a project that you want accessible to the entire Organisation, it’s best to create a ‘Staff’ team or a team with the name of your organisation, in which case, it would actually be ideal for everyone to join that team. You could also use it for company-wide announcements using the Team’s Messages tab (which sends ‘forced’ messages that no one can opt out of).

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To my understanding, if I have 150 employees that will access (see) the project, I will have to manually remove the edit rights f or every single one of them? What happened with the principle of least privilege? If their default rights is set to ‘can comment’ everything would be fine…

I don’t want them to be able to do that if they aren’t part of it!

Thats precisely what I want to avoid since there will be many people joining over time to see the project and they should not be able to edit the said project. Furturmore we do not have to to remove modification rights every single time a person joins in.

If I have a staff team would they be able to see/comment in the project under the commitee’s team? Would I be able to mention someone in the staff team inside the project?

Hi @Tristan_Benoit , what you mention above is what I referred to in point 3. That would be the default to anyone joining the project, i.e thwy would only have Comment rights and unable to change this to Edit rights.

Then I suggest you place your project in a new Team that is public to the entrie organisation, like ‘All Staff’ or the name of your org, as I mentioned in my last paragraph.

I did not imply for this to be the solution. Merely pointing out the downside to the alternative.

Ah! I finaly found out why it didn’t made sense on my end, as you show ‘Committee ans task collaborators’ I was only seeing our long team name and the ‘and task collaborators’ was hidden…
That clears the problem! Thank you!

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