Getting swamped with unnecessary notifications when a Project Template is used

I’m sure there’s a simple solution to this.

I have a project template that is going to be used hundreds of times over the next few years. I built it, and I need to retain full control over editing it.

However, I need to NOT be getting notifications in my inbox when it’s used. We just started using it, and every time it gets used, I get a few dozen notifications saying that “XYZ has added you as a collaborator”… one of these for every single task in that template. This absolutely must not happen or I’m going to end up on the news.

I cannot remove myself from the template’s collaborators, because then I’d lose admin control over that template.

I tried going into my Inbox notification settings, but I cannot find that Project template anywhere to remove myself from the notifications.

If I cannot remove myself from getting notifications on these, this is going to turn my inbox into a 100% useless thing.

How do I do this?

Hello @Matt5

those are notifications since you are added as collaborator to tasks in this template.

I have been facing this issue recently where a team member was getting a bunch of notifications as they have been added to some tasks (in the template project) as follower by mistake.

I would open the project template, edit view, and then select the tasks and remove yourself as follower.
One problem though is that V2 project templates do not allow multi-select at this stage. More info on all features and what is still missing compare to v1 here: Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

Also here is an existing feedback request thread to upvote: Decide notification settings for templates

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I had a similar problem. And also realized that it is on the task level that I have to remove myself as a collaborator. Thanks @Andrea_Mayer for a good explanation.


Oh and @Matt5 don’t forget to check subtasks as we had exactly this problem.
Now in order to find the relevant task between a lot of tasks (since multi-select is not available yet) I had 2 windows open. In one window I went through the notifications, copied the task name, then tried to find this task in the template fast by using the search feature or keyboard shortcut “CTRL +F”).

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Yep, that was it everyone. It’s kinda obvious, I feel silly for not noticing it. But I’ve removed myself from those tasks. Thank you!


I too had the same issue, as I manage all of the templates for my organization. As others have explained, there is no way to multi-select in the template, so removing yourself as a collaborator to the tasks can become tedious and more manual than any of us would like. What I found to be the “quickest” route to resolution was:

  1. Create a project from the template
  2. Multi-select tasks in groups of 50 and remove yourself as a collaborator, do this until you are no longer a collaborator on any task
  3. Convert the new project into a template and delete the old template

Hope this helps!


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