Managing "junk" notifications in inbox

I have 2 notifications that I get a LOT of that I’d like to get to stop.

First— I get inbox (Asana) notifications that “Team Member Moved Project from This Section to That Section”. This happens daily, many times, as tasks move through the project, and I don’t need all that info. I’ve gone to that Project and unchecked all the “Manage Notification” boxes on there but I still get these inbox notifications. I still need to remain in that Project, and I still need to be a collaborator on those tasks, but nobody in the company wants to see a constant stream of fire ants in our inbox saying “task was moved from one section to another”. How can we turn that particular notification off?

Second— I get email notifications every time someone uses a Project Template that I created. I have all the “notification” checkboxes unchecked. Very soon, we’re going to release that Project Template company-wide and I’m going to have 15 people duplicating that project. I need to be able to access/edit the Project Template, so how do I stop these emails? I tried removing myself from the Project, but discovered that I had basically turned that project into an unkillable, uneditable monster. Not even the Admin of our company could edit the thing lol, nor delete it. So how do I stop the coming flood of emails?

Hey @Matt5 if you are a collaborator on tasks, you will get those notifications. Do a multi-select and remove yourself as a collab.

Are they duplicating the project or creating a project from the template? The former you will get notifications, the latter you should not.

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Well, unfortunately I have to remain a collaborator on those tasks, so I suppose I’m stuck with it.

Regarding the #2, I am definitely using a Project Template and not “duplicating” even though I did inadvertently use the word “duplicate”. So, I’m definitely getting an email when the template is used. I’ve done it 6 times today.

Are others duplicating rather than using template? Might want to reach out to

If you do not need to be the collaborator for every event on a task, then perhaps

a) set up rules to @mention you only from certain events
b) if you want that for reporting, consider using dashboard to get you data and then review individual tasks as needed?

Maybe I do need to reach out to them. Nobody else is using the project template yet, we haven’t “released” it. Every time I use the template, I get an email. I’ll have a coworker use the template and see if it emails me.

Right, you get an email when you create the project. But not whenever anyone else does from the template, correct?

Agree having the email notification that you just used a template is a bit redundant and should go away.

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