Can't stop email notifications

I have “activity updates” and “daily summaries” unchecked for email notifications. The only email notification I have checked off is “weekly reports” which seems to be checked by default.

For some reason, I receive email notification from asana every time I create a new project off of one of my templates. The email comes in with the subject line “Your project has been copied”. How do I turn this notification off?

Hi @Lou_Buono_Jr, thanks for reaching out!

This notification is automatically sent to let you know your project has been copied, and unfortunately, it is not possible to stop those notifications on our end. Apologies for the trouble.

As a workaround, I’d recommend creating a filter in your inbox to make your email provider automatically delete or mark these specific email notifications as read once they are generated. When you create your filter, choose the option to filter tasks with the subject “Your task has been copied”.

This way, the notifications generated when your task is copied will not clog up your inbox anymore. This article shows how to create a rule in Gmail, but it should be quite similar in any email provider.

I hope this helps!