Flood of notifications for collaborators when new task is created from template: Multi-select and archive notifications

We are using the new Templates 2. We have a task template with many subtasks, and relevant collaborators listed on each subtask.
When we create a new task from that template, each individual receives a flood of notifications that they have been added as a collaborator to a new task.

This is super annoying. I am aware of the overall philosophical debate about subtasks, if/when to use them, the challenges around them. Ideally here we wouldn’t get notified about each subtask being created, though I see how that behaviour would not be universally desired.

A better work-around would be the ability to multiselect notifications for archiving.

Anybody else have ideas/tips to deal with this?

For now I’m just going to remove all collaborators from all subtasks, though that’s also not ideal.

Hey @Liohn_Sherer,

I see how so many notifications can be frustrating in the situation you describe.

Have you considered sharing with your team the trick to archive notifications by using the shortcut “E” on the keyboard? It is not multi-select, but that’s as close as it gets and definitely way faster than having to locate and then click the archive icon with your mouse.

Those notifications will appear in series, so repeatedly hitting “E” will do the job way faster.

That’s one of my most used shortcuts in the Inbox, especially when I am coming back from a long break… it’s a life saver :slight_smile:



Thanks, that’s a good tip.

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Glad it helped @Liohn_Sherer :wink:

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