Frustration with notfications on subtasks, inbox junk

We have a task template that is used frequently and has a bunch of subtasks, and any time the main task is assigned to me, I get a bunch of notifications for all the subtasks saying '" XYZ Added you as a collaborator", automatically. Those subtasks aren’t assigned to anyone. The main task’s template is not assigned to me either.

I’ve double and triple checked that the task template isn’t assigned to me, and that the subtasks aren’t either, and that I am also not listed as a collaborator on either the main task or the subtasks.

It happens as soon as they assign the main task to me. I get added automatically as a collaborator, and I get notified. How can I stop this 100% from happening?

There seems to be so many ways that notifications for certain events can override other settings in other places, and the default is inbox overload/bloat. Where all should I be looking? I really only need to be notified if I’m tagged, or if something is assigned to me.

My last-ditch effort will be to have to remove the subtasks and just turn them into a bulleted list in the “description” but I don’t want to have to do that.

You are not assigned but aren’t you a collaborator on them? (bottom of the view)

The main task gets assigned to me. As soon as that happens, I get a notification for each individual subtasks that says I’ve been added as a collaborator.

I know I’ll get a notfication about the main task being assigned to me, that’s great.

But, I don’t need to be added as a collaborator on the subtasks, and I DEFINTELY don’t need to be notified that I’ve been added as a collaborator. That’s just noise.

Do you have any Rules running in the template? Check if someone has set one up that might be adding you as a collaborator? You may also have such a ‘rule’ within a Task template that is adding you as a collaborator on a subtask.

Good idea, so I checked, and there are no rules on this. The only rules in this template are setting a certain custom field that has nothing to do with me.

I also double-checked that the subtasks aren’t multi-homed somewhere in another project that might have such a custom rule going, and they don’t.

So, I’m still sorta scratching my head here.


OK folks the culprit here is me, although I did attempt to use due diligence.

I actually solved this problem months ago, but there were a few Projects that got created during the time that I had not solved this problem, and it gave me the appearance that this was “happening again”.

When I first created the Project Template and the 9 Task Templates that are included, I had no idea that I was going to be listed as a collaborator on EVERY one of those tasks. So, the first couple months of using that Project Template turned my inbox into roiling mass of overinformation.

Over time I learned how these were happening and actually did remove myself from ALL of the task templates and all the buried subtasks. But, during that time, some Projects were launched and this sat idle for longer than usual.

My apologies to everyone.

Now, I need to find a way of viewing ALL of the Task Templates within a Project (ie, every task template for every project) in one search, so I can spend a little time fishing out any projects that might still have this issue.

I am sure you’ll be able to do that, search does not include task templates…