Get the email address of a task

I’m building a plugin for / 365, which among other things will allow attaching (adding to CC) an existing task.

So for that I need to get the email address for the task, this one:


Will you include this on the get task method endpoint?

Hi @Juan_Diego,

Unfortunately, as you’ve likely realized, you cannot retrieve this string via the API. We don’t have any immediate plans to allow this in the API, but we appreciate your feedback, and I’ll be sure to pass it along to the API team.

However, you may consider approaches like our Gmail integration, that link a task in the UI to the email (I’m not sure if this is possible in Otherwise, using your own mail server you can have users Cc an email address, where the server has logic to parse the email and add a comment to an Asana task.

I’m sorry that neither of these are simple solutions, but they should help solve the problem at hand.

I believe Gmail gets the task ID (user selects) and then posts the email content as a comment into the task?

Yeah that’s correct - if there’s a link to a task in the email, that task shows up in the pane to the right. Otherwise, the user has to create or search for an existing task, and then the plugin remembers that the email thread is associated with that task. From there, it allows the user to post a comment whenever they want, and it’ll pre-fill a new task with the body of the thread up to that point.