Extract / Export Asana task email




I’m wondering how can I extract a task unique email address.
When I set Gmail notification I get an email from Asana with the task and when I reply to that email my email is saved in the task as a comment.

Therefor I get that each task as is own “email address”, I thought that it might be the same as to task ID which can be found in the URL but not…

the email address is generated differently, here is an example:
reply-fd2033e8515e25fc3e9510afd21fa***@asana.com (*** replacing real letters to keep my task safe:) )

Hope you guys will be able to help me, at the end I would like to be able to generate a report with all those tasks email address after I will add the task email address as a custom filed.



Unfortunately this task-specific email address isn’t exposed anywhere in Asana, and isn’t available to extract via the API either.

A similar topic is discussed here FYI:


what a sham… I don’t understand Asana dev team… I’m so close to replacing Asana.
So disappointment every simple feature is not available in Asana.!