Creating task by email (like Trelllo...).

Hi everybody:

This feature will be available one day …?,new%20card%20will%20be%20created.

It is the only thing for which I did not finish migrating from Trello to Asana …


Hi Andres,
With Asana you can create task from email, see all details here:



Hi Julien,

Thank you for your quickly response.

I know about this feature, but practically is for create project, no create task or sub-task, etc.

That i need is the ID or the Way to send an email to a specific task, think that practically impossible. Or at least that I haven´t managed to understand or perform as easily as Trello…


Hi @Andres_Campanella

This is something you can achieve with the Gmail or Outlook add-on :slight_smile:

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I don’t not use Gmail, and I use Outlook in MAC that no support Add-ons.

Hi @Andres_Campanella,

This is not the older type of Outlook add-in that’s Windows-only; it’s the newer type of Office add-in and Outlook 2016 for Mac is supported (see the add-in listing). Note that you do have to have an Office 365 subscription for it to work.

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OK. Thank you Phil!