Using email to create new tasks/subtasks


Hello! I brand new to Asana and couldn’t figure this out.
Is there a possibility to post a task or subtask straight from my email?
I read few articles but I’m confused.
Can you please help or just share a link to the instructions?
Thank you in advance.


Hi @Irina1 welcome to Asana and the community.
Yes there are a couple of ways to achieve this for Tasks.
If you send your email to the address x@ This will appear in your My Tasks list as long as you have set the appropriate from email address within your properties.
Each project also has an email address that you can send email directly to which will add an unassigned tasks to that project.
There are also extensions available for Gmail, outlook365 that came do this. There is also third party apps like Sendana which can do this as well.

Now for email directly to Sub Tasks I am not sure if there is a solution for this. Sendana might be an option @James_Carl is it?

For further info on how emails work have a look at these guide articles

Hope this helps. The community is a great place to get help/advice


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Thanks @Jason. Sendana’s ability to add subtasks is in final development with my developer @EricLegault. Here is a sneek preview for what we may call Sendana Pro. A two tab power Outlook Add-In that maintains all the power of the current Sendana but meets the demands of some of the most requested features from your Outlook Add-in.

  1. Look up Task and Subtasks by Designated Project in Alphabetical order with subtasks indented
  2. Change the Current Followers of the task or subtask that was looked up
  3. Add an attachment only to a looked up Task or Subtask
  4. Add the email body or free form comment to an existing Task or Subtask
  5. Create a subtask to a task or subtask and more …


I received the full functioning Sendana last night with this capability working. I am alpha-testing it thoroughly because it adds so much additional functionality to Sendana.


Sounds like yet another exciting upgrade to what is already a fantastic tool