Add Tasks and assign via BCC



I would like to be able to add tasks and assign them from email via BCC: instead of just the TO: field. I want to respond to a client’s email, add it as a task, and delegate it at the same time. I don’t want the client to get confused with a weird Asana email address in the list. I also want to assign the actual work to an associate. So if I could TO: [client email address] and BCC: [asana email address]; [associate email address]
I could accomplish the response to the client and create and delegate the task all in one shot. Also, I have asked for this before, but if I could set a due date from the email client it would be awesome.
The gmail plugin is still a little clunky for me.



Hi @Valerio_Romano - We’ll be happy to help. Is there a particular question you’d like help with or are you simply submitting a piece of product feedback?


Hey @Valerio_Romano

This is an interesting question! As it stands, you are already able to add Tasks via email to either:

A) Your Asana “My Task” list or
B) A Project

The most important part of this process is that you have registered the email you’re using to create Tasks from, in the “From Email” section of your “My Profile Settings” window.

Once your email is registered, if you send an email to either (to create in your My Tasks) or (to create the Task in a Project), the system will recognize the email and convert it regardless if it directly to tat email, or if it was CC-ed or BCC-ed.

Since the system does not recognize the client you are writing to, you will get an automatic reply from our system saying:

"Your task was successfully created in Asana, but we’re sending you this email because someone you listed in the To: or CC: field in your email is not a member of the Organization, Workspace, or project to which you’re sending.

You can learn more about this in the Asana Guide:"

Receiving this email means the the system has created the Task from your email! The caveat here is that you because your client is not registered in Asana, you cannot assign or apply a due date to the Task via the email itself. You’ll need to do so only after you have logged into your Asana space.

Hope this provides some clarity on what is possible, though assigning a due date via email is still a worthy idea to add and vote on in the product feedback category here.

Let me know if you have any questions Valerio!


I too am using the BCC as a way to create tasks. I notify my customer of a problem and create the task for follow-up and it’s working great.

One question though, is there any way to disable the “Your task was successfully created, but we don’t recognize some email addresses.” auto-reply email?


Hi- I’m a big Asana fan. I’ve recently started BCC’ing Asana when I reply to emails that will require my follow-up. However, in many of these cases I do not want any of the people in the TO or CC fields assigned to or notified about my task- even if they are in my Asana group. I consider the BCC to be like jotting a note down to myself, and I don’t want anyone else to see me doing that. I realize this is a tricky situation, because it directly conflicts with the basic TO and CC features. However, I think this might be a use case that would be valuable to a lot of people. Perhaps there can be a preference added about whether emails you’ve BCC’d use the Asana assign/follow functionality vs. ignoring all of the people in TO and CC fields?