Copying email to Messages by BCCing project email address

Here’s the workflow I would like to use: Include a project’s email address in the BCC field of any email I send that’s related to a project so that it automatically gets logged in the Messages section. I just tested this out and it worked, but I also received an automated email telling me that ‘we don’t recognise some email addresses’. I assume this is because the person I was emailing is not a member of my organisation, but an external client. Am I going to receive this automated email every time I send an email to an external customer and BCC in my Asana project? If this is not how this feature was intended to be used, is there a different workflow I should be using to log all of my project-related emails within the Asana project?

Hi @Nicki_Schermann

Hmm. I tested and used the BCC for the Asana project email but did not receive a returned response. Can you provide a screenshot of the email you received?


Here you go!

I tested again but without an email address in my Asana and I also received the message. It is due to Asana not knowing your client’s email as suspected. You may want to BCC the client and To: the Asana project.