Email Message to Project or Team?

Before messages replaced conversations you could send an email using syntax [ProjectName] and create a Project Conversation, as well as a Team Conversation [ProjectName] Is this feature still available for messages or has it been eliminated. Thanks

Hi @James_Carl,

It’s still available for both:


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Thanks Phil. For some reason having problems with Sendana in this regard.

Thanks for your reply.

@James_Carl - Honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to it but if you search the forum, I seem to recall there were people having trouble sending to Asana from email addresses that used to work, and it was due to some change Asana made in how they process incoming emails. Sorry, wish I remembered more detail about it; maybe someone else who knows more will chime in. Not sure if this is your problem but maybe…

Yes indeed @Phil_Seeman is right, Asana tightened the security around email sources. I can’t find the threads, they all say to contact support.