Move Project Conversation Email Link

Can we please have the project conversation link moved to the top of conversation tab? Instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom to copy/paste the email address, it would be handy if it was in a more easily accessible place (unless there is something I am missing).

Where it says
“Start a project conversation to kick off projects, discuss tasks, or brainstorm ideas.
You can also start conversations from your email—send your posts to:”

HI @Cally_McIntyre and thanks for sharing your feedback with us. this option is also available in the Project drop-down menu under “Import > Email”. You can learn more about it in this article:

Hope this helps!

Hi Marie

I thought Import > Email only sent it to project to be made as a task? I want to send an email to the conversation tab, not be made into a task.

My suggestion is to make the email address for the conversation tab to be more accessible.

My msitake @Cally_McIntyre, I see what you mean!

One tip that might help: All Team conversation emails are built on the same pattern -> [TeamName] so for example if your looking to speak to your “Design”, you can send an email to and your email will automatically converted to a Conversation in this team.

Thanks for the info - yes I like to use that one often. It gets a little trickier when you send to a project though (they can be named anything).

I just feel the convo email CTA gets lost at the bottom and not many people take advantage of it. It comes in handy when someone outside of Asana sends an update in an email and you need to quickly forward it to Asana to update the team.