Moving and Organizing conversations


It would be great if you could move Team Conversations to a project, or from one project to another project. This would be great for organization.

I know you can link to conversations and such, but it’s a lot easier to track and locate once you have everything in the same place. Some conversations start in Team Conversations and either should have started within a project or end up having information that pertains to a specific project. I would like to move those conversations into their respective projects for easy organization for my team.

Unfortunately my team isn’t exactly as tech savvy or very interested in learning the software so a feature like this would make it very easy to find information they’re looking for. In turn, hopefully help them realize the value of organizational software like Asana.

How Do You Move Conversations?

Agree, being able to move conversations would be very useful.

In addition, it would be extremely helpful to be able to move conversations started in tasks out to the main project conversations area.

The reason for this is that sometimes conversations in a task sometimes become hard to find, and it’d be good to be able to pull them up/out, or have a way to give them more visibility.


Yes! The number of times I’ve spent 30+ minutes looking for a conversation because another team member created it under a task instead of under the main project. sigh In the absence of a feature where task-base conversations are more visible within the project, I’d love to be able to shut down the ability for my team members to comment on tasks.