Conversations are not very useful as implemented

I think Asana needs to rename the feature called Conversations.

I do not have conversations with entire departments. I have conversations with individuals. How can you fix this?

Provide a means to have a conversation with an individual or two or 3.

Rename and reframe the existing Conversations.
Perhaps Conversations is actually a Group chat container, in reality?

I think the semantics in Asana are what is holding this product back.
Be more fearless with your UI design. That’s my recommendation.
The design seems too safe and simple-minded; and definitely too slow to evolve!

Improve or perish, I say.

I tried hard to find a sensible use case for Conversations as currently designed and I couldn’t.

Thank you for sharing your view.

I hope to learn how Conversations work in practice.

How does an entire group or department get informed about the conversation?

Hi @dksmith, project and team conversation were designed to be used in the context of a project or a team, sounds like you’re looking more for a chat/messaging feature. If that the case, I’d recommend adding your vote to this other thread: Chat Feature Request