How do I send an email to the project and create an update for the project members?

How do I email the project group via google and asana an update that I want all of them to see? when I added members tot he project asana gave me an option to send a message with this and no one got that message. TIA

Hi @Chris_Anaya, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Just to make sure I understand your question, are you trying to send emails to Asana and send an update to your team? You can create new team and project messages via email following the steps in this article.

Please note I’ve slightly updated the title to make it more specific to your question.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Emily I’m trying to send an update to the team in Asana that is for the overall project. I created a template project in Asana and want the team to review before we go live

Thanks for confirming, @Chris_Anaya! In this case, you can send a message in your project directly from the Messages tab. Project members will be notified about this message. You can find more details about this feature here: