Generated read-only link for Asana timeline doesn't load

Description: Generated read-only link for Asana timeline doesn’t load.

Steps: Create shareable link for project timeline.
The board link works, but the timeline link doesn’t work.
This is not the case with other projects.

Browser version: Google chrome, Mozilal firefox, Microsoft edge

Asana Premium version.

Hi @Ajla_Kotolenko, I would recommend to send a screencast to our support team along with the URL of the project in question. To reach out to support, you can follow these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉

@Ajla_Kotolenko and @Marie,

Is it possible that this bug report is the same as this other one which is known and in progress:



I think you’re right @lpb! Our team has pused a fix last night for this bug, so this should hopefully be resolved soon :slight_smile:

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