I don’t have the ability to generate the sharable link

I don’t have the ability to generate the sharable link and the help information here

says I need to go to security in my admin portal and enable this setting but I don’t even see security as an option in my admin portal. Please advise on how I can access this feature?

Hello @anon91528618 welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Are you a paying team member in your org? Meaning you are not a guest user (different email than the org)?

Are you an admin in your org?

Not sure about your exact plan but this could potentially be a reason why you cannot see the setting:
Domain Admins can enable or disable Read-only Links directly in the Admin Console, whereas Division Admins will be prompted to create a Zendesk ticket for our Support team.

I am a paying member. I created the account so I assume I’m the admin.

Is it because my workspace is not an organization? I can’t figure out how to submit a ticket either when I click on the link you embedded it just takes me to the main support site. Thanks for responding, I really need to get an exportable link for this timeline…

Hm yeah could be if you do not have an org.

Best is to reach out to support as they have more tools and insight to your account so they are better equipped in getting this sorted for you. This is how you can contact support: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Hello @anon91528618 were you able to get this sorted?