I couldn't find 'Create Links' in Timeline

Hi, my organization has subscribed to Business Plan. I had looked through the old topics - Read Only Access , Timeline Sharing .

Based on the records, it was fully rolled out on May / June 2021. I believe I should have the access to create links and share read only access with my clients. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Hoping someone could help me out where can i create a read-only access link. Thanks in advanced, it means a lot to me if this could be sorted out soon.

HI @Tan_Siew_Bin,

That seems odd as it is fully rolled out to Business customers. Are you able to share a screenshot without showing any sensitive information?

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Hi Mike,

This is how it looks like from my end. It doesn’t have the ‘create link’ button.

Not in the ellipsis as well.


All these conditions must exist to see the read-only link button:

  • Public project (not Private)
  • You are a Member (not a Guest)
  • You have Edit access (not Comment-only)
  • Feature not disabled in Admin Console

See for more info:

Hope that helps,


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Hi Ipd,
Thank you for the sharing, I realised my organization didn’t enable this feature in Admin Console for some reasons. No wonder why I couldn’t see the ‘read-only’ button.


Sorry for the late response, but glad Larry could assist!

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